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Rodent & Animal Control

We offer FREE inspections of homes or businesses in order to:

  • Evaluate the problem
  • Identify if the home or business has activity
  • Decide on a custom plan to quickly and permanently eliminate the problem
    • Rodent Exclusion:

      - Release irritant in attic to run them out first. 
      - Then seal all entry points, as in roof pitches, roof vents, a/c lines, etc
      - Set traps - live traps, snap traps, or other devices, if necessary
      - Pick up traps, and/or releasing live animals from traps
        (Includes a lifetime warranty with yearly inspection)

    • One time trapping:

      - Snap and/or live traps sealing only entry point
      - Pickup or release of live animals.  (No warranty included)

BAM's Rodent Division
Rodent Division